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Our first step is to identifying repairs in your slab foundation is always inspection. Inspection always leads before other measures so that our experts can find the rooted issues and be able to identify solutions. Foundation repairs are not cheap and can be extensive and expensive. Expenses can be overwhelming; we work with our clients to create plans and procedures to procure funding for repairs. We are committed to providing foundation repairs with a reasonable price tag attached and with expert and industry leading professionals. Have confidence in the team that is taking care of your homes foundation. You will have the premiere team with unlimited knowledge on your side to help ease your mind and complete your foundation repairs when you hire HBFR.


Pier foundation is the installment of large diameter cylindrical columns to support the load of the structure built above. Our team to properly and professionally complete the necessary repairs to your foundation practices a seven step steel pier foundation repair process. Your foundation supports a massive amount of weight when it comes to the sheer mass of the structure that lies on it. Occasionally if not properly supported there can be damage done to the pier that lies under the slab.


Underpinning is a solid foundation that is secured below ground level to add support to the building that is constructed above ground. Ground pinning is important and integral in the weight distribution of foundations. Concrete slabs are common structural installment in residential and commercial properties. To repair or install underpinning, professionals who are certified and highly trained should be used. Novice or new contractors can cause further damage to your property. Our free on site inspection will alert you to any major or minor concerns that are found with your foundation including the underpinning.


General rule is no that there is no coverage for situations like settlement, but if specific instances then your policy might cover the cost of repair. These specific instances will be outlined in your policy and could be specific to your area. Homeowners can also add supplemental coverage for foundation repairs called the dwelling foundation repair rider. Although this will help in certain cases it will only cover repairs caused by specific events and not natural wear and tear.


A grade beam is a beam of reinforced concrete placed on the ground to tie two fractured sections or bring together other underpinning components. Reinforced concrete is important to the strength and weight bearing capacity of your foundation. Grade beams can increase this limit and be stable enough to hold additional weight to basic slab foundations orĀ raised foundations. Working with your foundation expert you will be able to gain insight to the process that will be completed concerning your repair. We take the time to educate our clients and fix all potential issues with efficiency and effectiveness. Calling our competent and capable team of foundation experts will be the first step to solving your foundation woes.

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