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Raised foundations are common installations in homes constructed prior to 1950. Raised foundations are still in demand for homes that are susceptible to flooding or moisture interference. There are other benefits of a raised foundation including curb appeal. It is personal preference, but many homeowners prefer the aesthetic that is achieved with a raised foundation. With the older constructed homes there is an increased risk of weakened or porous foundation that is prone to damage. Our recommended steps are to replace the old concrete with new 2500 psi, steel enforced concrete that meet today’s standards.


Although raised foundations might be more expensive than a slab installation they are desired for their aesthetic curb appeal. The personal preference of some might be why this foundation method is chosen, while others might turn to raised foundation for the crawl space giving additional room between the structure and water that might be prone to raising. Another benefit of having the raised foundation is the access to your plumbing electrical and gas tubing that is found under the home and in the crawl space.


Raised perimeter foundation has a concrete wall that is poured and supported with concrete footing. There is another step that is taken to further support this foundation and that is the reinforcement or addition of rods. This foundation is used with both raised floors and slab installations. Our experts will be able to walk you through the installation process and answer any questions that you may have regarding your residential or commercial foundation needs. We go above and beyond to meet the expectations of our community and clients.


Having a raised foundation is a must when it comes to the concern of flooding. If you live in an area prone to flooding or natural disastrous a raised foundation can give you security and prevent the full extent of water damage. Raised foundations can be the choice of communities or citizens that own property close to lakefront, oceanfront or prone to flooding. We are able to discuss in detail the benefits and cons to this foundation option to help decipher the proper foundation to be installed. Repairs are completed in a timely manor and with professionals who are keen and able to perform foundation repairs on raised foundations or slab foundations.


A raised foundation generally holds a foundation stern wall and footing supporting the exterior walls while the center is supported on posts and piers. In a more recent construction of this method there has been a sternwall bisecting the middle of the house.
Homes with raised foundations generally have a crawl space under them; this can lead to moisture finding its way into the home itself. There are ways to safeguard you and your family from this potential. Moisture can be a breeding ground for mold, which can have negative affects on inhabitants of the home. It is recommended that your crawl space is insulated or encapsulated to prevent this damage.

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