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It is no surprise that issues with your foundation can cause extensive and expensive results. To get ahead of your potential disaster we recommend dealing with your cracks, settlement and piers as soon as possible. Creating positive habits by dealing with the problems that foundations can bring as soon as possible can prevent extensive costs further down the line. We are experts in foundation repair in Huntington Beach. Our team is comprised of talented and vetted contractors who are competent in the trade. We go through extensive and thorough background and certification checks before bringing new members onto our team.


Major repairs are involved in problems with hydraulic piers. This integral piece of the foundation requires extensive excavation and repair that does not come cheap. There is no way around repairs of this nature and the damage they have the potential to cause requires immediate action. We have a team of tenured and valuable contractors on our team that have long dealt with repairs of this nature. Our team Is able to assess the situation through inspection and evaluate the damage with an on-site quote.


Thankfully, a smaller repair is more common in foundation repairs. Cracks can absolutely lead to more dangerous and unsettling damage if not taken care of immediately upon observation. If you are not sure if you have a crack in your foundation, we recommend, taking advantage of our free onsite quote service to be able to survey the situation with professional eyes. We are an honest company built on trust and loyalty of our customers. Cracks can be minimal and cost less than other options that are guaranteed if the crack is left untreated.


Settlements of the ground underneath your property can cause a shift in your foundation. Settlement is a common fault in foundations and can be extensive to fix based on the amount of movement. The professional contractor team of experts at HBFR is able to investigate the situation of your residential or commercial property and provide solutions based on the signs your foundation display. When it comes to foundation repairs it is important to choose certified and experienced professionals. Novice or new persons in the industry may not be equipped with the knowledge or tools needed to complete the repair.


It is absolutely important that you reach out and make contact with foundation repair experts as soon as you see the first sign of potential damage. This can prevent further damage and protect your commercial or residential structure from catastrophe. Foundation repairs can be minor to extensive and should be completed with proficiency by industry leaders who are trained and experienced inĀ foundation repairs.
Signs to signify that it is time to call some professional help include; cracks, sinking, gaps around windows or doors, sagging floors, uneven floors, doors that do not operate properly. If you experience any of these warning signs call HBFR for a free onsite inspection and quote.

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