Crawl Space Repair

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Crawl spaces are meant to be sealed to prevent vapor and moisture from intruding into the space causing damage. There are options available to seal your crawl space such as adding a thermal barrier, sealing gaps and cracks and more. Encapsulation is a ideal way to improve the function and value of your home while protecting the structure from damage. Bugs, due to their dark and humid nature can infest crawl spaces. Insolating your crawl space from the wet ground is a great way to add a preventative measure to your system.


The first step to installing encapsulation is clearing the space of the prior insulation. There needs to be a clear space to work with before encapsulation can begin in the crawl space. Encapsulation is a water vapor barrier that covers your walls, ceiling and floors of your crawl space. Following the encapsulation of your crawl space you will not have to insulate the area. It is suggested that additional insulation can be added to joists if desired.


Insulation prevents outdoor air from capsuling your home with its icy grips in the winter and hot hands in the summer. Insulating your crawl space can stop drafts from whipping around your home. If you are replacing old and ineffective insulation then the first step to proper installation is removal of the prior product. There are multiple options for insulation including spray and loose fill. Other benefits of insulation in your crawlspace include; stopping of freezing pipes, moisture and mold issues. Another added benefit of adding insulation to your crawl space is the lowering of your monthly energy bills. You will no longer have to crank the heat to keep you and your guests above freezing.


Regulates moisture levels of your crawl space therefore stopping the production of mold, mildew and other harmful organic matter. A dehumidifier is a great addition to your crawl space if you are prone to moisture or water damage. A dehumidifier will help stabilize and increase the quality of air being circulated around your home. We recommend installation of this devise following inspection of the space and identifying the need. Your crawl space is more prone to mold growth than any other space as it holds moisture, which stimulates growth. Another benefit of adding this devise is the decreased amount of moisture that is in turn pumped through your entire home, stopping the moisture at this barrier makes for a healthier and happier home.


There are a few options to drain water that has accumulated in your crawl space. Crawl spaces are prone to moisture and the presence of water. They are also prone to mold that can cause health issues for inhabitants of the residence. One option is the French drain that collects water inside the crawl space and then directs it outside of the home. Essentially this is a trench and pipe system that directs the water collected out of the structure.

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