Concrete Lifting And Leveling

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There are a range of different regions of your house or structure that can be impacted by concrete lifting. Often we notice concrete lift and leveling in patios, driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, foundations, steps on a staircase, flooring and even walls. To rectify these potential safety hazards, we are able to offer suitable and timely solutions to our customer’s requests. We are able to offer an affordable and timely solution as we do not believe in traditional concrete repair methods and damage your space, cost a lot of money and take far more time.


At Huntington Beach Foundation Repair, we believe in only using the most suitable, durable and protective materials and techniques that benefit our clients over the long run. These structures that are needing repair are expected to be around for many more years. Therefore we make an absolute priority to offer them the best and most advanced solutions available on today’s market. Apart of your system is the utilization of PolyLevel. We utilize a light yet durable substance that can simply be injected into the appropriate location to remedy many unevenness or cracking seen within concrete surfaces.


This is a foam-based product that is used to correct a range of different issues surrounding concrete. Our team has the resources available to diagnose a problem, quote the price of repair and finish the job to your expectations all within less than a week. The high-density polyurethane we use facilitates us in restoring our customer’s concrete surfaces and fixing uneven surfaces.


The repair and restoration of concrete surfaces can be very technical and it is better-done right the first time. This is why we hire and provide ongoing training to our certified experts. This ensures that when you call our office you will be dealing with industry professionals and not a newbie or rookie that is looking to make their first mistake. Our process has been tried and tested over the years with continued success. Firstly we preview and assess the entire location, then we drill holes in core segments of the concrete. After this we install an injection port, that we provide, which is what will provide the polyurethane to be injected. Once this is complete we begin the injection process into the concrete. Upon completion, the injection ports are removed in a clean and tidy manner and the holes that were drilled will be restored to patched and smooth surfaces.


As a customer centric company, we study and review all effective innovations that are presented within our industry. There are other methods however this is the least invasive, quickest and most affordable option for our customers to repair their concrete surfaces to what they were originally intended to be. The substance we use to effectively restore your concrete lifting has several additional benefits that include: waterproof, environmentally friendly, accuracy, lightweight and durability. If you find yourself with some lifting, cracking, damaged or uneven concrete surfaces, make sure you call our office today to learn more about how we can help you!

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