Commercial Foundation

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Your commercial requires an particularly large amount of concrete to create the foundation. With this size of pour the foundation problems that the building might be prone to can be increased. Large amounts of concrete require extra attention and specialized knowledge that HBFR can provide. Providing a safe space for your employee’s customers and visitors to operate is important to you. It is important to us too and we promise to take the utmost care and precaution when resolving any foundation concerns in your commercial space.


If your drainage is not sufficient to keep water away from your foundation then you are bound to experience some troubles. The proper drainage can prevent excessive shifting of your foundation. We will assess the drainage that is currently in place in being able to suggest processes to improve the drainage like aluminum gutters. Prevention is important when it comes to your foundation. Potential problems can plague commercial landowners as the structure and safety can be compromised when water damage is involved. The larger problems can cause shut downs of the business or office and cost an excessive amount more than the preventative steps. 


Keep your space safe and functional with tunneling as an option to repair any gas, plumbing or electric problems that you might encounter. What is tunneling? Well, tunneling is the act of entering your systems in need of repair from outside of your foundation. With this method you will not have to cut the slab that lays at the foundation of your commercial business, preventing closure of your space. Through this process excess support is added to the building while the foundation is being tunneled under. Certified and trained commercial foundation experts should complete this repair process. Hiring the team at HBFR means that you have brought on professional and talented contractors to repair your commercial foundation needs.


When it comes to commercial repairs, we know that days closed can equal dollars lost. We want to work with our commercial property owners to minimize this risk or avoid it if at all possible. There are tasks that do require business to be stopped, but if conducted, these items can be repaired out of business hours. Call our friendly customer service agents today for a free on-site quote of your foundation. Inspection should always be first to gauge the severity of the situation.


Although there may be contractors ready and willing to take on your commercial project, take caution when choosing the right team for your commercial job. A lot of foundation contractors are well versed and proficient in residential and smaller foundation jobs, this unfortunately can cause a disaster when taking on a commercial job. Having a team that is well equipped for the job ahead is essential to the success of your repair. We take pride in the tenure and knowledge of our team. We hire experienced and certified contractors and refuse to lower our standards.

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